Mooncake Festival

For other harvest festivals that may be known as Mid-Autumn Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival (disambiguation). For the Chinese New Year LanternFestival known as Yuan Xiao , Chap Goh Mei, Yuen Siu, Shang Yuan, and Tết Nguyên Tiêu”. The Mid-Autumn Festival (simplified Chinese:  traditional Chinese), also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival or Zhongqiu Festival, is a popular lunar harvest festival celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people. A description of the festival first appeared in Rites of Zhou, a written collection of rituals of the Western Zhou Dynasty from 3,000 years ago.[1] The celebration became popular during the early Tang Dynasty. The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, which is in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar, close to the autumnal equinox.The Government of the People’s Republic of China listed the festival as an “intangible cultural heritage” in 2006, and it was made a Chinese public holiday in 2008. It is also a public holiday in Taiwan. The official name of Mooncake Festival is Zhōngqiū Jié and it’s also called as Moon Festival, Mooncake Festival, Lantern Festival, and Peh Goeh Cheh. Mooncake Festival was observed by the Chinese, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese.  They Celebrates the end of the fall harvest. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the few most important holidays in the Chinese calendar, the others being Spring Festival and Winter Solstice. Accompanying the celebration, there are additional cultural or regional customs, such as:

  • Eating mooncakes.
  • Matchmaking. In some parts of China, dances are held for young men and women to find partners. “One by one, young women are encouraged to throw their handkerchiefs to the crowd. The young man who catches and returns the handkerchief has a chance of romance.”
  • Carrying brightly lit lanterns, lighting lanterns on towers, floating sky lanterns.
  • Burning incense in reverence to deities including Chang’e
  • Fire Dragon Dances.
  • Moon rabbit is a traditional icon.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, which is in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar. In 2012 the Mid-Autumn Festival will fall on September 30th. It will occur on these days in coming years:

  • 2013: September 19
  • 2014: September 8
  • 2015: September 27
  • 2016: September 15
  • 2017: October 4
  • 2018: September 24
  • 2019: September 13
  • 2020: October 1


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