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London 2012

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  This article is about the scripting language. For other uses, see PHP (disambiguation).   PHP is a general-purpose server-side scripting language originally designed for Web development to produce dynamic Web pages. It… Continue reading

English language

  This article is about the language. For other uses, see English English Pronunciation /ˈɪŋɡlɪʃ/[1] Region (see below) Native speakers ca. 380 million  (2001)[2] L2: ≈ 250 million (2001)[2] to ≈ 1.8 billion (2004)[3] Language family… Continue reading


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Parts of Compound Microscope

There are two optical systems in a compound microscope: Eyepiece Lenses and Objective Lenses: Eyepiece or Ocular is what you look through at the top of the microscope. Typically, standard eyepieces have a magnifying… Continue reading

Cell Theory

Cell theory From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A prokaryote Cell theory refers to the idea as cells are the basic unit of structure in every living thing. Development of this theory during the mid 17th century was made possible… Continue reading

Paano to?

Di mo ba alam kung ano ang bibilhin mong cellphone? easy lang Click mo lang ito.  

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U.S. NEWS » Obama pledges federal aid on Colorado wildfire visit Storms hit mid-Atlantic region with power outages Mexico extradites suspect in U.S. consulate killing Second death confirmed in Colorado Springs wildfire Seattle’s new… Continue reading

Yahoo OMG! Awards

OMG! Awards 2012 Voting ends for 2012 OMG! Awards The winners are Now in OMG Ruffa formally resigns from ‘Paparazzi’ Phil on Angel: We’re officially together Sam Pinto still FHM Philippines’ sexiest Yeng waiting… Continue reading